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1. No Legal Advice

This website provides general information about Nossaman, its people, its interests, and to some extent about the general law. It is not intended to constitute specific legal advice, and it is not a substitute for advice from qualified counsel. If You have a legal problem, You should not rely on the information in this website, which is general in nature and is not intended to apply to particular facts and circumstances. Nossaman attorneys are licensed in the jurisdictions in which they practice, but may not be licensed in Your State. The information on this website is general in nature and may not pertain to Your specific circumstances. Therefore, it is important that You should not use this website as a source of legal advice. You are not authorized to rely on the website for that purpose.

Different lawyers (including different Nossaman lawyers) may have different opinions on various subjects of legal concern. Nothing in this website is intended or designed to constitute an opinion of the Nossaman law firm on any legal matter or question.

2. No Attorney-Client Relationship

Nossaman will provide legal representation, opinions and advice only to clients. You can become a client of Nossaman only by entering into a written engagement agreement which defines the nature and terms of that agreement. Moreover, the concerns of any reader of this website may be adverse to Nossaman clients, and we are prohibited by law from rendering advice to our clients’ opponents and adversaries. Therefore, You agree that if You are accessing this website or if You are sending any inquiry or information to Nossaman as the result of your review of this website, such actions will not create an attorney-client relationship between Nossaman and You.

We welcome new clients. If You wish to become a Nossaman client, please contact one of the attorneys listed on this website and explain the nature of the legal services You are seeking. If Nossaman is interested in providing such services and entering into an attorney-client relationship with You and if there are no legal reasons why that cannot be done, the attorney will send You an engagement letter. If and when You have signed and returned the engagement letter and paid any [pre-]deposit which is required by that letter, You will then—but not before then—have become a Nossaman client.

3. No Advertising or Solicitation

This website is not intended to be an advertisement or solicitation, but may be deemed an ADVERTISEMENT under the rules of certain jurisdictions.

4. The Information on This Website

The information found on this website is general in nature. It is intended to review some current trends in the law for Nossaman’s friends and other interested parties. It is background material and will not necessarily be updated as the law or relevant circumstances may change. We do not claim that this material is current. It is not a complete analysis of tax considerations. Internal Revenue Service regulations provide that for tax planning and to avoid penalties, a taxpayer may rely only on formal written opinions of counsel which meet specific regulatory requirements. The information on this website is not designed to meet those requirements and does not meet them. Thus the information is not intended to be used, and taxpayers cannot use it, for the purpose of avoiding United States federal or other tax penalties or for the purpose of promoting, marketing or recommending any tax related matters.

5. E-mail Communications

You are welcome to communicate with Nossaman or with its attorneys at the e-mail addresses listed on this website. However, electronic mail which You send to Nossaman will not be treated as confidential and will not invoke any attorney-client privilege. If You communicate with us by e-mail in connection with a matter for which we are already representing You, please remember that e-mail may not be secure and that You should avoid sending sensitive or confidential e-mail messages unless they are adequately encrypted. We cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any electronic mail sent or received by You, or of any information which You may submit to Nossaman through the Nossaman website or through e-mails.

6. Nossaman’s Property Rights

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7. Limitations on Use

By entering this website, You agree:

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8. Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranties

This website, the materials therein and any materials which You access through links from this website are provided to You “As Is,” without any warranties or representations of any kind, including but not limited to warranties of accuracy, merchantability, title, content, non-infringement of third party rights, quiet enjoyment or otherwise, whether express, implied or statutory. By accessing the website, You expressly agree that You will not claim or seek any damages or compensation of any nature, whether general, special, exemplary or otherwise, under any theory of liability whatever, due to or arising out of Your use of this website or of any material contained within it or accessed through it.

9. Electronic Mail

You may communicate with Nossaman or its personnel through electronic mail at the addresses provided herein, for the purposes of requesting alerts or other news services, submitting voluntary responses, making inquiries about Nossaman activities or about services offered by Nossaman, or about employment opportunities. By making such communications, You will not have established any relationship with Nossaman or any obligation on the part of the recipient to respond to Your message. You agree to cease such communications upon Nossaman’s request.

10. Attorneys Listed on This Website

The attorneys listed on this website are licensed only in the jurisdictions noted on their individual biographies posted herein. No attorney is certified by any jurisdiction as a Certified Specialist in any area of law unless the attorney is expressly so listed in his or her biographical site.

11. Jurisdiction

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