In a 90-day finding (pdf) published this morning in the Federal Register, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) found that the listing of the orange clownfish (Amphiprion percula) "may be warranted" under the Endangered Species Act.  This finding was based in large part on the threat from "bleaching and subsequent loss of anemone habitat resulting from ocean warming" to three species of anemone that host the orange clownfish.  NMFS is now conducting a full status review of the species, and it has solicited scientific and commercial information pertaining to the species with respect to a variety of issues, including, among others:  (1) the historical and current distribution and abundance of the species throughout its range (2) historical and current population trends; (3) life history and habitat requirements; and (4) past, current, and future threats.  According to the notice in the Federal Register, information and comments must be received by November 3, 2014.

In the same 90-day finding, NMFS also found that the listing petition failed to "present substantial scientific or commercial information indicating" that listing may be warranted for six other Indo-Pacific fish species.