In a speech at the Department of the Interior, President Obama announced a new national conservation effort titled the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative.

The President described the Administration’s plans to roll out the Initiative in the following way.

"In the months ahead, members of this administration will host regional listening sessions across America. We’ll meet with everybody — from tribal leaders to farmers, from young people to businesspeople, from elected officials to recreation and conservation groups. And their ideas will help us form a 21st century strategy for America’s great outdoors to better protect our natural landscape and our history for generations to come."

President Obama went on to elaborate on four major components of the Initiative.

"First, we’re going to build on successful conservation efforts being spearheaded outside of Washington -– by local and state governments, by tribes, and by private groups -– so we can write a new chapter in the protection of rivers, wildlife habitats, historic sites, and the great landscapes of our country."

"Secondly, we’re going to help farmers, ranchers, property owners who want to protect their lands for their children and their grandchildren."

"Third, we’ll help families spend more time outdoors, building on what the First Lady has done through the “Let’s Move” initiative to encourage young people to hike and bike and get outside more often."

"And fourth, we want to foster a new generation of community and urban parks so that children across America have the chance to experience places like Millennium Park in my own Chicago."

News outlets, including the Washington Post, covered the announcement.